Distrib Coffee

This server is generously hosted by l'IPSL.

Version Française

Archive access

See the list of hosted trees.


This server is located in Paris, France.

Latitude: 48.8 N, Longitude: 2.33 E

Setup your urpmi

Don't download everything! If you wish to setup urpmi for your mandriva distribution, the easier way is to have a look at Easyurpmi.

Big files

More and more distribution use DVD media, those files are huge.

All ftp/http/rsync services hosted on this server were successfully tested and are perfectly able to serve large files.

Here comes a list of known cases unable to handle those files (can be imcomplete):

Use the right tools

To download a whole tree, or big files, prefer: rsync. This tool is able to restart a partial transfer in an efficient manner and maintain a clean mirror.

To maintain a mirror, please use at least these options:

-aH --partial
See the rsync documentation for more explanations.

Don't try to mirror using HTTP protocol, it's not designed for that purpose. You'd simply fail.

If you're maintaing a mirror and need an unlimited bandwidth, please contact me directly.


Mailing list

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Administrator Contact

For problem or informations: Olivier Thauvin



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The computer


The computer and the storage array were renewed the december, 26th of 2006:


distrib-coffee lui-même

Old configuration

Distrib-coffee 1st attempt