NAME Apache::RSS - generate RSS output for directory Index. SYNOPSIS setup your httpd.conf PerlModule Apache::RSS Options +Indexes PerlHandler Apache::RSS RSSEnableRegexp \.html$ RSSScanHTMLTitle On RSSEncoding UTF-8 RSSEncodeHandler Apache::RSS::Encoding::JcodeUTF8 and access with QUERY_STRING *index=rss* http://yourhost/?index=rss DESCRIPTION Apache::RSS generate RSS output of directory Index. Just like a mod_index_rss. DIRECTIVES RSSEnableRegexp A regular expression of files which added in RSS. default .* RSSChannelTitle set channel Title. default "Index Of *uri*" RSSChannelDescription <description> set channel description. default "Index Of *uri*" RSSCopyRight <copyright> set CopyRight string. default "CopyRight *current_year* *hostname*" RSSLanguage <language> set RSS language. default en-us RSSEncoding <encoding> set RSS encoding. default UTF-8 RSSScanHTMLTitle <On|Off> scan HTML files and set HTML <title> as RSS <title> or not. default Off RSSEncodeHandler <EncodeHandlerClass> works with RSSScanHTMLTitle and encode HTML title string. see the Apache::RSS::Encoding::JcodeUTF8 manpage for details. OPTIONS This module supports query string option to configure the order of items in generated RSS file. Options are subset of those for mod_auto_index. For example, accessed with http://hostname/?index=rss&M=D generated RSS will put items order by mtime desc. default is `N=A'. AUTHORS IKEBE Tomohiro <> Tatsuhiko Miyagawa <> This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. SEE ALSO the XML::RSS manpage, the mod_perl manpage