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RPM shipped by Anthony Y.P. Wong <>

dictd-1.4.9-1.i386 Client/server software implementing the Dictionary Server Protocol Tue Jul 14 15:42:56 1998
emiclock-1.0.4-1.i386 a cute Japanese girl analog clock for X11 Tue Feb 17 00:38:29 1998
hp67-1.4-1.i386 An ncurses-based HP-67 scientific calculator emulator Sat Jul 18 21:04:13 1998
mastergear-svgalib-1.0-2.i386 The Sega MasterSystem (Mark 3) and GameGear emulator using SVGAlib Fri Jul 17 20:10:40 1998
mastergear-x-1.0-1.i386 The Sega MasterSystem (Mark 3) and GameGear emulator with full X support Fri Jul 17 19:38:05 1998

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